Fully Assembled Wooden Wine Rack - Natural Pine & Galvanised Steel 20 Bottle


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Height: 415mm 16 1/4" - Width: 415mm 16 1/4" - Depth: 220mm 8 3/4"

20 Bottle Storage - 4 bottle holes wide by 4 bottle holes high
(16 within rack and 4 on top)

This 20 bottle wine rack is made from natural pine wood & galvanised steel. You're able to store 16 bottles inside the rack and then 4 on top as well, it's designed for standard wine bottles so Burgundies and Champagnes might struggle inside the rack but will be fine on the top row. The depth is 220mm so the bottle neck will protrude out from the rack, making it ideal for using bottle neck tags to easily label and locate your wine.

Fully Assembled - Hand Made in UK

If you require a larger sized wine rack, see our section on made-to-measure traditional wine racks.

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