The summer weather has been a bit hit and miss this year, but that hasn’t dampened our spirits! We’re now offering a fantastic summer sale on selected Riedel, Spiegelau and Nachtmann items. The selected summer sale products are generously discounted by up to 20%. There are some real bargains to be had on some fantastic quality Wine Glasses, Decanters and Tableware. Whether it’s the iconic Riedel Vinum range, or the simple but effective Spiegelau Soiree collection, you can grab them at special prices. Below is a selection of products which would be on my wish list…

Riedel Vinum Two Glass Bordeaux Set (Code: 6416/0) Was: £39.90 / Now: £31.92

The iconic Riedel Vinum range is the bestselling and most popular collection from Riedel. The Bordeaux shape and size goes perfectly with most drops of the red side of things, a must have for any wine enthusiast.



Spiegelau Soiree Champagne Glass x 6 (Code: 407-00-29) Was: £36.00 / Now: £28.80

The Soiree range from the Riedel owned Spiegelau consists of a vast array of glassware that not only look good, but work wonderfully too. The Champagne glass in the Soiree range is one of my favourites as it looks and feels magnificent once you’ve got it full with a bit of bubbly!



Nachtmann Bossa Nova – Glass Cake Plate / Chip and Dip (Code: 77809) Was: £45.00 / Now: £36.00

Nachtmann’s Bossa Nova collection of the Dancing Stars patterned tableware look fantastic when served on the table with my favourite from the range being the Cake Plate / Chip and Dip. The multi usable glass plate can either be used for serving your special ones birthday cake or when turned upside down for dipping crisps into a great salsa mix!