You may wonder what this blog has to do with wine, hang on in there, all will be revealed…

3DTV (the next big in thing is television) is here! So what many people will say, how will this technology improve my life In fact some may argue the technology will do nothing other than cost money as the home entertainment equipment in homes up and down the country is upgraded.

So what value does 3DTV bring to wine? Well, actually none! That said, I would be quite happy watching Masterchef in 3D and viewing the dishes in tantalising 3D. This led me to think about what is coming next for TV? Could the day ever arrive when smell will be able to be transmitted by technology? Would this not be more 4DTV rather than 3D TV?

For wine connoisseurs this might provide a really welcome use of technology. After all, when wines were being reviewed/discussed on a programme you could actually perceive a sense of smell and not just take the work of the presenter (who has the fortunate task of describing the wine to those watching the programme). Just image the beautiful the fragrances of a deep red or fruity white wine making it to you as you watch the programme, fantastic!

Will smell ever jump from a TV like a picture?

Can you image being presented with a beautiful fragrance of red wine whilst watching a food programme? Just think you could wake the family up with smell of bacon without actually having to cook it!
I think it’s fair to say not to expect your SKY HD box to be upgraded to feature a smelly spray any time soon, but I really find the idea of a your family LCD TV featuring smelling sensors quite appealing, although maybe not for all TV programmes.