As ever, here at Wineware we’re extending our range of Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews. We’ve recently added six new Corkscrews to the collection, three of which are produced with Stamina Wood handles, which are available in Green Stamina (Code number 3954), Natural Stamina (3955) and Red Stamina (3956).

The additional three Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews are those designed by reknowned Sommeliers and we are pleased to now be able to include the Poussier Yew Tree Handle (3957), the Larsson Reindeer Handle Model (3958) and the Vaccarini Lemon Tree Wood Handle (3959) which are our latest additions to the already expansive collection. All three models are available, as usual, in attractive individually stylised Leather Cases, which are each inscribed with the Sommeliers name.

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