Well the sun is shining today, but the Weather forecasters at the Met Office believe we are in for rainy summer with a lack of sun. Therefore most people are booked up to go away this summer, even if the Euro is looking very bleak!

If you are staying in Europe and off to Portugal this summer, then you are going to love our book ‘The Wine & Food Lover’s Guide to Portugal’ by Charles MetCalfe & Kathryn McWhirter.

The book focuses on Portugal’s excellent Food and gorgeous Wines, as well great ideas to do in the daytime and places to rest your head at night. The Hardback is split into the 12 different regions of Portugal covering every possible angle, maintaining the fact that Portugal isn’t all about the Beaches and the Algarve!

Wine Connoisseur Oz Clarke gives his foreword to the book, as he’s a good friend of Author Charles Metcalfe. The Guide has fantastic imagery, detailed maps and a lot of information that will definitely keep you occupied during the duration of your flight!

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