We’ll all be giving away bottles of wine to our clients, staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers this Christmas and New Year and if you haven’t already arranged your marketing and promotional materials then you might want to take a look at this. We think they’re great. It’s a new kind of bottle collar which is sturdy enough to survive the cab ride home from the Christmas party without slipping or tearing off. That’s far from all it has to offer though because this folding booklet is made by Little Book who use patented Memory Fold technology which means they can fold large format promotionals, vouchers, graphics, product info offers down into a leaflet which slips onto your bottle and can even incorporate a business card in the cover.

Of course we’ve all seen bottle collars before, scrappy bits of card held on by a piece of elastic or a piece of paper which fastens on ok but the text is still barely visible to the naked eye. Well, this printed booklet does away with that; as the name suggests, they can fit a whole Little Book onto every bottle and as it folds out to many times its original size you’re not confined by space meaning your message can be read easily, kept, and referred to again and again.