December is a month that tends to see a lot of celebration and parties because not only do we celebrate Christmas, but we also welcome in the New Year. New Year’s Eve Parties are thrown, up and down the country as well as throughout the day across the world globally due to time differences. Champagne is typically drunk on the stroke of midnight as it’s seen as the celebration drink of choice, (well that and Cava!). Party poppers are ‘popped’ and drinks are spilt and Auld Lang Syne is sung (not very) tunefully. If you’re holding a New Year’s Eve party then I congratulate you now. You’ll not only have a banging headache to deal with but you’ll most certainly have a house to clean up too!

Champagne is always a tricky bottle to open if you’ve not got the necessary skills or technique and the last thing you want or need is to spill it all over the carpet! Well now help is at hand as we’ve got a few products that can definitely impress your friends and hopefully keep most of the bubbly drinkable.

The Champagne Opener is a very simple device; essentially it’s an all in one clamp style system that allows you to remove the foil, the wire, and the cork in just a few seconds. It also has a great safety feature that keeps the cork firmly by your side, rather than allowing it to go shooting off across the room and smacking into someone’s head!

VacuVin’s Champagne Saver is designed to keep the champagnes bubbles and minimise the oxidation process. Once the saver is locked onto the bottle, the handle opens to allow perfect, non-drip pouring and closes to keep the champagne fresh. The Saver fits most Champagne bottles and is a must have for any champagne drinker.


Our large and varied selection of Champagne Glasses starts from as little as £2.90 a stem. Most champagne glasses are available singly or either in boxes of 2 or 6, depending on the manufacture and range of glass. Whether it’s the traditional flute style or the modern twist of champagne saucer, we’ve got plenty to choose from and you can really impress your friends.

Finally, no party is complete without the VacuVin Glass Markers. There’s nothing worse than putting your glass down at a party, go to pick it up again and it’s gone, totally disappeared! To prevent this from occurring, simple place a unique glass marker character onto your glass, bottle or can and then you know exactly which one is yours! We’ve got 4 different packs to choose from with 12 characters in each so there’s very rarely any crossing over. The only downside is that they’ll probably stick around longer than most guests!