BBC1 Saturday Kitchen – James Martin’s Birthday Present – Giant Champagne Cork

The ever popular Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 was full of surprises this morning. With it being hosts James Martin’s birthday, a few surprises were to be expected. At the end of the programme, once all the beautiful had been prepared and cooked, the always smiling and bubbly wine expert Olly Smith handed over, live on air, a bottle of Camel Valley English Sparkling Wine, but also one of our Giant Champagne Corks!

James, the lucky recipient, was clearly delighted as it was greeted with smiles and laughter, with Olly Smith describing it as the ‘largest cork in the world!’ (we’re not sure on this, but it definitely sounds good!).

It was a great to see and fantastic end to the programme, we’re glad that the giant champagne cork was greeted so well; we can just imagine James going home with it on the tube. You never know, if he’s struggling for seat, he can always use it there and then; he may get a few strange looks though!