If a few pints of beer on a Friday afternoon are out of your month’s pocket money or ‘loose change’ (if you have any in this economic climate), then we suggest buying a new piggy bank. The price of beer will be increasing either this month or next, and although the rise is not as much as last year it still is a noticeable change.

The rising cost of energy, raw materials and distribution has led to this increase, as well as the government’s duty escalator. Beer prices are set to increase by as much as 5p a pint this year.


Important dates to remember

From 21st January 2013 Carlsberg will put up their prices by an average of 5p a pint and from 4th February 2013 Heineken will raise the wholesale cost of beer (Fosters). Brands such as Stella Artois will also increase by 4p from 1st February 2013. We are counting down the days.


Will you still be buying beer, even if it is 5p more expensive than last year?

It is predicted that the rising costs of alcoholic drinks will encourage more people to drink at home. Consequently thousands of pubs are shutting due to the drinking trends changing more so than ever. So we must ask, is it nearly last orders for pubs?

On the contrary the ever popular drinks establishment, JD Wetherspoon, will be running their annual January (2013) sale. This sale runs from 2nd-31st January. This sale is across selected alcoholic drinks as well as food, with some meals being priced at a very reasonable £2.99.

Cost is at the very centre of this movement from pubs to supermarkets and with just over 200 pubs being converted into convenience stores in the last two years, it has come as no surprise. Cost works very much like gravity, either pulling or repelling the public. Will this hike push people further away from the traditional pub? Landlords fear the increase will see customers turning towards supermarket chains with their deals on alcohol.


What will we be losing?

If the increase in costs leads to the decrease of pubs used then communities will miss out on the benefits of socialising and meeting people in the local pub for a few ‘after work drinks’. Will the future be on track for the shift from pubs to retail? With beer prices rising will old traditions be forgotten?

Let Wineware know your thoughts on the matter and whether you will still be saving that £3 odd (plus 5p) on a pint at the end of your working week.