Wineware’s Top 10 Online Best Selling Products for September 2008

First and foremost, apologies for the delay in producing the Top Ten Best Selling Products for September, been a bit busier with other things in the office! A recent upturn in sales of Wine Glass Charms makes these the best selling product of the month online, closely followed by the new Kimco 12-Bottle Wine StackRack™ and the 4 Bottle additional layer. As usual, the Riedel Glass Cleaning Balls are present in the Top 10, as well is the 72 Bottle Modularack Wine Rack.

1. Bead Wine Glass Charms x 6 (4594)


2. Kimco 12-Bottle Wine StackRack™ (2134)


3. Kimco 4-Bottle Wine StackRack™ Additional Layer (2104)


4. Riedel Glass Cleaning Balls (10/05)


5. Glass Storage Box, 24 Cell, With Lid 190mm High (5005)


6. Iso Type Wine Tasting Glasses 21.5cl x 6 (5102)


7. Montana Pure Set of 3 Longdrink Tumblers (42375)


8. Vacuvin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler (4296)


9. Glass Storage Box, 24 Cell, With Lid 240mm High (5007)


10. Modularack Wine Rack 72 (MOD72)


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