Giant German glass manufacturer Schott Zwiesel have produced what is already being perceived as the perfect glass for professional and private tastings. These unique new glasses have already earned the title of The Official Tasting Glass of The German Wine & Sommelier School. They’ve been specifically developed for sommeliers, wine makers and wine merchants around the World and come in four bowl shapes: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay & Riesling (all of which are pictured below).

The brand new Sensa range is machine made from Schott Zwiesel’s renowned Tritan® Crystal. It is based on the advanced Fine range, which was developed with the German Wine & Sommelier School to accentuate a wine’s aromas. The new, unique feature of the Sensa glass is its eye catching Airome spiral.

This spiral is an air twist cut by laser, actually inside the wall of the bowl. It creates a tunnel that swells slightly out both inside and outside the bowl. The Airome spiral helps to aerate wine, if the glass is held at an angle, so as the wine is poured in it runs across the spiral. It then helps to accelerate the speed at which aromas and flavours are released, by folding the wine over, when it is swirled in the glass. A process that for example, helps to reduce the acidity and accentuate the fruitiness of a Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot or Tempranillo.

As an aside the spiral when the glass is twisted in the hand has a quite alluring, almost hypnotic effect – making it a stunning conversation starter.

We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the difference these glasses make to both the nose and taste of a wine. To realise the difference these glass can make, you should really try them for yourself. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the sensations and savour the differences they produce from ordinary drinking glass!


The Schott Zwiesel Sensa Range is available to purchase in sets of 2 for £50.00 via