Caple Wine Fridges / Caple Wine Cabinets

Recently added to the Wineware Wine Fridges pages are the manufactures Caple. Caple are part of the Maurice Lay group and specialise in Kitchen Appliances, including Ovens, Refrigerators, Dishwashing Machines and importantly to us, Wine Cabinets and Wine Fridges!

Caple Wine Cabinets can be kept anywhere in the house, whether that’s the kitchen, utility room, garage or basement. The Caple range of Wine Fridges includes slot-in models that can be built in under kitchen worktops, but also larger, freestanding models that can create a focal point to any room.

The Caple Wine Cabinets are very competitively priced whether you are looking at storing large amounts of Wine or just a few bottles. All Cabinets are available in stainless steel and are delivered FREE to UK mainland and include VAT.

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