Its that time of year again, and with seasons of festivity approaching its time to consider the inevitable Christmas conundrum of what presents to buy for everybody.

Luckily if your loved one is a wine lover, you’re pretty spoiled for choice here on Wineware. We have a great deal of products suitable fo the wine enthusiast, all of which may make that wine guzzling fiend of yours smack his lips and run his hands together as he opens your marvellous present.

Its not difficult to choose presents for anyone, the difficult part is choosing the right present, as I’m sure many will appreciate. For someone with a cellar full of red wine, white wine glasses may not be the best choice in the same way that for someone with a fine taste for a variety of cocktails, a wine rack may not be the best choice.

So where should you start to ensure not only that you buy the right present this Christmas, but that you buy the perfect present?

Right here!

So counting down from 10 all the way to number 1, here are the Wineware top 10 gifts for Christmas for 2007

In at number 10 is the Champagne Opener

Its a very simple device, essentially its an all in one clamp type system that allows you to remove the foil, the wire, and the cork in just seconds. It also has a great safety feature that keeps the cork firmly by your side, rather than allowing it to go shooting off across the room, or as sometimes happens, into someone else’s head!


Sitting at number 9 we have the Wine Aerator with Filter


This silver plated brass funnel is inserted into your favourite decanter before you poor in your wine of the evening. Because of its shape and the way its constructed the wine is given the absolute optimum amount of time to oxidise and release all those beautiful flavours that you savour so dearly.

At number 8 we find the Set of Three Cheese Knives


Anyone who loves wine and cheese will love this Christmas present, presented in a gorgeous gift box these knives have everything you need to slice through that cheese wheel like butter. Quicker cutting means more time to go back for more!

In at lucky number 7 is the Rouge Electronic Wine Breather


This handy little device is a sophisticated mechanism that is used to decant wine at high speed. Generally wine should be decanted for at least an hour before consumption, but often this isn’t possible and sometimes you just forget! So this gadget reduces decanting time from one hour to one minute, by pumping tiny bubbles through the wine until its perfectly oxidised.

Up at number 6 is the Ruby Martini Glass


This stunning inverted red cone is perfect for containing an olive on a toothpick.. oh.. and your martini too! It really is somewhat of a party piece, and is sure to stand out amongst the crowd of glasses that everyone has already seen before. These ruby glasses are something special.

Halfway to the top and at number 5 is the Menu Wine Decanter


This minimalist decanter is very modern and sleek, and comes from an original Scandinavian design. It has a very broad base, which ensures proper aeration of the wine.

At number 4 we have the Eisch Glas Chateau Decanter


This decanter was hand crafted in Germany by Eisch Glas, the glass of which has been specially treated to produced the ‘no drop effect’ – making it impossible for a drop to run down the side of the decanter. (useful for those white tablecloths!)

And kicking off the top 3 is the Modularack Wine Rack


This product is a true innovation, a fully expandable wine rack. Each level is constructed of beautifully cut wood and holds 9 bottles, you start off with 4 levels in this Wineware package, and then if you start running out of space, you can just keep adding new levels to your wine rack.

Runner up at number 2 is the superb Wine Discovery Set


This kit teaches you about tasting methods and helps you discover both the origin and appellation of the wine, in no time at all you will be able to talk about wine more competently, and choose wines that are perfect to your taste. Great product for Christmas time!

And finally, at number 1, is the fantastic Screwpull Corkscrew Lm-400


This amazing device is certainly not cheaply made, and is designed for the serious wine enthusiast. If you spend over £100 on a bottle of wine, you’re not going to want to risk ruining the cork trying to open it! This device uses brand new rotation technology to remove the cork easily, and painlessly from the neck of the bottle, and leaves only the most fresh of passageways behind through which the wine may flow.

And there you have it, the top 10 Christmas presents for 2007 – enjoy it, and make sure you buy as you would wish to be bought for!