The signs are here that Christmas is fast approaching, the temperatures have started to drop, subtle hints of frost in the morning and driving home in the dark, the Coca Cola advert has already started to appear on the TV (you know the one I mean!). Christmas adverts have popped up all of a sudden it appears, whether it’s on TV, in the newspaper or in magazines. I’ve already started to think about the presents I’ll be purchasing for my friends and family and I don’t think they’ll accept the comedy pairs of socks again!

Compiled below is a list of ideas for both him and her to make them smile and appreciate this Christmas…

Christmas Gifts For Him…


The Glencairn Official Whisky Twin Pack – Printed Gift Carton / Price: £9.85 for 2 glasses

Every man loves a drop of Whisky right? Well there’s no better way to drink this wonderful spirit than in Glencairn Whisky Glasses. They are lightweight, dishwasher safe and extremely good value for money.


Screwpull Corkscrew LM-400 Black Nickel / Price: £98.00

There’s nothing worse than struggling to open a bottle of Wine when you’re in a much needed hurry to drink the contents! Well there’s no need to worry with this corkscrew. After a simple up and down motion you’ll have wonderful aromas drifting through your nostrils.


Elsa Spirits Decanter / Price: £25.95

Every spirit lover out there should have a solid based Spirit Decanter to hold your Whisky, Cognac, Brandy or Port. I wouldn’t recommend mixing all 4 of those spirits together at the same time however!


Patent Non Drip Carafe / Price: £30.59

The Patent Non Drip Carafe is a beautifully shaped liquid holder which is flat based and incorporates a slightly modern twist. It’s suitable for all kinds of soft drinks, water and wine. The integrated filter holds back ice cubes, lemon pieces and the like and would be perfect for pouring a nice mulled wine to compliment your Christmas dinner.


Stolzle Berlin Beer Glass x 6 / Price: £19.95 for 6 glasses

Ok, this one is a bit of a stereotype but I’m certain it will make the man of the house smile when he un-wraps it on Christmas day! Drinking Beer from a can or a bottle is perfectly fine at a summer BBQ but there’s something quite elegant and sophisticated about drinking Beer from a designated glass with a fine Sunday Roast!

Christmas Gift For Her…


VacuVin Prestige Wine Cooler Stainless Steel / Price: £21.96

Keeping your White Wine chilled on the table at a dinner party is a key accessory in this modern day. Your other half would certainly appreciate this gift and the kind thoughts as she’s the one who’s probably spent the day rushing round cooking all the food and forgot to chill the Wine!


VacuVin Popsome Nut & Sweet Dispenser / Price: £7.10

The VacuVin Nut & Sweet dispenser is ideal for a small stocking filler this Christmas. It’s designed in a way that the contents are retained in the dispenser should it be knocked over and is ideal for party snacks and bits.


VacuVin Pineapple Slicer Stainless Steel / Price: £13.23

VacuVin’s Pineapple Slicer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 30 seconds! The delicious fruit works well in a simple fruit salad, a Chinese style sweet and sour dish and also on a freshly baked Hawaiian Pizza. You’ll wish you had one of these little gadgets ages ago!


Menu Trivet 2-in-1 / Price: £20.39

The simple to use 2-in-1 trivet is ideal for placing your pots, pans and hot dishes on your kitchen worktop or dinner table. The trivet prevents any surface damage to whatever is underneath and is compact enough not to take up much storage space when not in use.


Peter Steger One For All White Wine Glass x 6 / Price: £42.00 for 6 glasses

Are you struggling to decide which White Wine glass is suitable for the differing types of White Wine? Well look no further as the Peter Steger One For All White Wine Glass is suitable, for well, all White Wines! The lead free crystal is not only strong and durable but is dishwasher safe which is always good after you’ve consumed a couple!