Cocktail making has never been one of my greatest past times. You’ve got to find a cocktail that you enjoy, find the right balance of ingredients and then you inevitably make either too much or too little, it’s always a hassle! We were pleased to see that the innovative VacuVin have recently released some brand new products to their ‘Bar Range’ which met our exact requirements!

Whether you’re looking to serve up a classic Cuba Libre, Bloody Mary or a Tequila Sunrise, the easy to use VacuVin Cocktail Shaker with a built in strainer will certainly add a bit of style to the process. The glass, plastic and silicone cocktail making accessory has measurements in both millimetres and fluid ounces so you really can’t get your recipes and proportions mixed up! This modern cocktail shaker is great fun to use, easy to clean and best of all, it looks and feels great.

Serve up your very own Cocktails, trying brand new and exciting drinks in no time. You could even give them a personal, unique touch, something that will definitely impress your friends!

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