De Long’s Wine Company

Steve De Long, wine buff and joint owner of De Long’s Wine Company has been in contact with us for some while now about stocking his superb collection of wine related products which he and wife Deborah have designed and had manufactured in the USA.

The De Long’s Wine Company products, which include detailed Wine Maps of the California and the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal) wine regions, an excellent Wine Tasting Notebook in both hard bound and soft bound and a pocket size Wine Tasting Guide.

The expertly compiled Wine Grape Varietal Table shows the variation in grapes in all different types of both Red and White Wine. The strength of the acidity, the type of flavours and aromas you would find in a particular wine and the countries in which they are found and produced are all included in the table.

Click here for more information on the De Long’s Wine Company products, which we are now stocking.