If, you’re anything like me, and love different types of Wine from all over the World, from every corner of the globe, then a Wine Map and anything related to crushed grapes will certainly catch your eye and take your interest!

I tend to find the old styled Wine Maps a bit general and dull and although they’re fascinating and full of useful information, I find they’re bit hard to navigate and a bit ‘old school’. That’s until I came the across the modernised and highly informative, colour coded De Long Wine Maps.

The husband and wife team of Steve & Deborah De Long have extensively researched the key Wine areas of the World, making the maps easy to use and navigate, putting a fun element into it also! They have produced a variety of different wine maps, covering the most popular and interesting wine regions of the World, with many more to follow or so we’re led to believe. The famous California wine region in the USA, the traditional wine producers of France, the sprawling Spanish and Portuguese Iberian Peninsula and the second largest wine producing country in the World, Italy.

They look fantastic in both an office and restaurant environment, whether you’re serving up some traditional Italian food with a lovely bottle of Chianti, or like to keep tabs on your favourite French Wine region. Equally, you could use the maps for travel purposes, as a research tool before heading off on a Wine Holiday! They’d certainly make a great gift for any wine novice or enthusiast in your life, or even if you love the country you’re buying for.