Does the shape of the wine glass matter? Definitely!!

All quality glassware manufacturers produce numerous ranges of glasses whose designs are slightly different but the basic similarity is that the various bowl shapes are specifically designed for the grape varieties of the wines they are intended to hold.

A few producers limit their ranges to a very basic Red Wine, White Wine, Bordeaux style, Burgundy style and Champagne and these then cater generally for most reds, most whites etc. The more expansive producers create a glass for most of the major grape varieties and you will find glasses for Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Rioja and the list goes on.

The general ranges will adequately cater for most Reds or Whites, but if you really want to get into Rioja for example choose a glass specifically designed for Rioja and your taste buds will really reap the rewards. The reason for this is that the grape specific glasses are designed in such a way that the bowls of the glasses, when tipped to the mouth, will direct the flow of the wine to the part of your mouth which will appreciate that sensation the most.  There are sense areas in the mouth which allow you to taste sweetness, bitterness, saltiness and acidity and the glasses are designed so that the wine finds these areas and you appreciate the wine as it is intended.

Please note how the different shaped glasses make you tilt your head or strain your neck more in order to get the liquid into your mouth. In turn the liquid then finds different areas of the mouth because of the direction in which it enters.

Try it, it works!!

You’ll eventually find glasses that suit your needs for the types of wines you like and you should definitely enjoy your favourite wines even more than usual!