Adorable bunnies, new-born lambs and melt in your mouth chocolate eggs; well it can only mean one thing, Easter has officially arrived. This Christian festival and holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Giving Easter eggs is one of the symbolic ways to mark this event and this is of course, much loved by children! However adults should not be forgotten during this time and therefore we are here to offer our food pairing suggestions for your Easter break (well not quite ‘food’).
Some say it can’t be done, some say it shouldn’t be done but we say “if you have the right wine to complement the right chocolate, it should be done!” Chocolate and wine can be a match made in heaven and why not? Whether you are looking for a few pairing tips for a dinner party or wanting to find out which bottles goes well with dark, bitter chocolate we can help you. Pairing wine and chocolate is about to get interesting…


Wine and chocolate suggestions

White chocolate

Pairing white chocolate and wine is where you should begin your chocolate and wine tasting. It need not be daunting but an adventure on discovering what combinations your taste buds enjoy. Technically white chocolate isn’t really ‘chocolate’ as it only contains cocoa fat and not the all important ingredient, cocoa. This is in turn makes it one of the more versatile pairings with wine.
– The buttery flavour of white chocolate pairs well with a Moscato.
– Riesling has an exotic sweetness which is emphasised by the vanilla and honey flavours of white chocolate.
– Similarly Orange Muscat complements white chocolate beautifully, picking up any fruit tones!

Milk chocolate

Remember you can also pair some of the wines above with milk chocolate.
– Sauternes – the acidity pairs well with the mouth-watering milk chocolate flavour.
– Similarly a sweet Semillon works well!
– Pinot Noir complements a bar of milk chocolate or equally a chocolate cheesecake.
– Dessert wines tend to hold up well with mild milk chocolates.
– Champagne is classically served alongside chocolate dipped strawberries, an indulgent treat for the summer months.

Dark chocolate

So why does dark chocolate pair so well with wine? Well the cocoa butter in dark chocolate decreases the astringency and dryness of the tannins found in wine. So you can enjoy all the delightful, powerful flavours!
– Moscato – if you choose the right bottle of Moscato wine it will either pick up the creaminess of the chocolate or the fruit.
– Zinfandels are renowned for the perfect match with dark chocolate.
– Shiraz – Shiraz and dark chocolate is a saucy and exciting combination which we love.
– Barolo will pair well with dark chocolate containing up to 70% cocoa, as will Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux.
– Merlot will be able to handle dark chocolate which is around the 55% cocoa mark.
– If you’re feeling adventurous why not try a sweet Italian red wine with dark chocolate such as Green & Blacks?

Wine and chocolate pairing tips

  • Experiment: find out which chocolate and wine combinations you love by simplytrying new chocolate flavours/varieties and bottles. Do not be afraid to try some daring pairings!
  • As a general rule of thumb, try to keep the wine sweeter than the chocolate.
  • Sherry is generally adaptable to both white and dark chocolate depending on the variety.
  • We suggest experimenting with different varieties of chocolate, from light to dark. Begin your tasting with a subtle white chocolate and end on a dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate that also includes caramel pairs well with young Madeira, Tawny Port or Meursault.
  • Let us know your favourite wine and chocolate pairings by leaving a comment below or via Twitter!


Enjoy fine wines this Easter

Remember Easter should be a time of carefree indulgence and although some wines work better with chocolate it tends to be determined by the individual. See what delicious pairings you can discover this bank holiday! Happy Easter!