Wineware have recently taken on a new partnership in the Wine Glass industry with well-known and established manufacturing firm, Dartington Crystal. Today, Dartington Crystal are the only remaining major UK Crystal and Glass manufacture offering their products to an international market.

We have taken on two different ranges, one named ‘Wine Master’ that are designed to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of Wine through various different shaped glasses. The Wine Master range consists of both Bordeaux and Burgundy shaped glasses, so lovers of each of these wines should give these a go. Also available is an elegantly shaped Champagne Flute that can also be used for Sparkling Wines. A normal all-purpose White Wine glass works well with Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling wines. A superb glass tops off the Wine Master Range for beginners; the Chef’s Taster glass allows you to learn about the difference between one wine and another.

The second and more expensive range is the ‘Special Reserve’. The glasses include once again, a Bordeaux and Burgundy shaped glass along with a Vintage Champagne that can be used for Sparkling Wine too. A Shiraz / Rhone wine glass and a Unoaked White Wine style glass tops off the Dartington Crystal range.

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