A very belated Happy New Year to all of our readers, customers and fellow bloggers! January always seems to be a funny time of the year, not just for ourselves but for everyone really. The come down from Christmas and the New Year and the realisation that you’ve got to go back to work and get on with your normal day to day lives is always a bit of an eye-opener.

The one good thing about January however, is the fact, if you’re like me; you’ve fortunately been given plenty of bottles of wine over the festive period! As everyone knows I’m into Wine in a big way and enjoy the occasional odd bottle (or two!!).  I tend to get given a few, what I would call, decent bottles, which is a bit of a result. I’m lucky though, because I’ve got a nice big traditional wine rack at home where I can place them all to drink in the coming weeks and months.

We actually always consistently see an upturn in sales of wine racks in January and February and we can only put it down to this situation in that customers have acquired numerous additional bottles over the Christmas and New Year period and then have nowhere to put it or lie it down in order to enjoy it whenever required in the future!