A recent article in The Sun newspaper (24/04/2013) revealed how wine decanters are being used by cash-strapped wine fans to disguise cheap bottles of wine as vintage. Wine decanter sales are on the rise and for good reason too – you never have to show your guest the bottle. So for all they know, your vintage 1998 bottle that “you’ve been saving for a special occasion” is really a ten pound buy from your local supermarket, purchased ten minutes before they arrived.

This new ‘trend’ is labelled by the newspaper as “decanter deception”. We do love this name but is there any truth in it? Popular television show, Mad Men, often shows Don Draper pouring wine from a crystal wine decanter. We never see the bottle so we assume the contents is high-quality wine requiring decanting to release maximum flavours and aromas. Is this really the case though?

Wineware have put on their detective hat to find out whether there is any truth in this. We conducted an in office interrogation (or near enough). “I would never try and pass off a cheap wine as vintage, especially not with close friends or family. I normally take the time to choose a special wine that complements the food perfectly, why would I spoil that with an awful wine made glamorous in a crystal decanter!” exclaims managing director, Chris Wellman. One of our customer service team gave a different opinion, “One Christmas I had the in-laws come to stay and I needed to make a good impression. So yes, I did serve some inexpensive wine in a rather top-end decanter and did they realise? No! Although they might now…”

Now our attention turns to you. Have you ever used a wine decanter to pass off a cheap bottle of plonk? Or do you know someone that has? Previously we have asked to decant or not to decant; now we find ourselves saying to deceive or not to deceive. Let us know your thoughts below or via our Twitter page.

Decanting cheap wine, The Sun