Drinking wine is all about taking time to enjoy the finer things in life. Whilst some would prefer to rush open a bottle of the finest, we believe that the tools and rituals that have been traditionally associated with wine drinking greatly enhance the experience. Even something as simple as opening a bottle of wine is to be savoured. Wineware has an extensive selection of corkscrews. Here are five of our best:

1 | Air pressure Corkscrew – Menu


We’re huge fans of air-pressure corkscrews here at Wineware, and this example from Menu is a simply immaculate looking device. Smooth lines, elegant shape and solid materials, it’s a piece of modern design that will look at home in any contemporary kitchen. And this Air Pressure Corkscrew isn’t just aesthetically simple: there’s an elegance in the way that pumping a little air into a bottle will remove a cork. Simply insert the needle, and pump the cork out. Easy.

On this Menu model, the needle is sheathed in a removable lower section that also contains a foil-cutting knife. You also get a Menu decanting pourer in the set, a device that encourages the favourable processes of aeration as you pour from the bottle.

2 | Red Alert Corkscrew – L’Atelier Du Vin


From a certain angle, the Red Alert corkscrew looks an awful lot like a colossal squid attempting to prise open a submarine full of drunken sailors. But it’s not merely an oddity: That organic, curvy look is a truly cutting edge design that will open eyes and promote conversation, which is what you doubtlessly want whenever serving wine. Also available in Black, we prefer this red version because it isn’t afraid to be eye-catching. And the action of a strong, well-designed lever-corkscrew is a revelation in itself.

3 | Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew – Wineware


Whilst we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet, our Waiter’s Friend corkscrews are an affordable twist on a tried and tested design. Entirely portable, with a rosewood handle, two step lever and a serrated knife for removing foil, there’s no situation where this corkscrew isn’t a valued friend. And when you’re not packing it into the cool-bags for a summer picnic, it even comes with a high quality gift box.

4 | ‘Grands Crus’ Corkscrew – L’Espirit and Le Vin


The phrase ‘the Rolls Royce of Corkscrews’ is one I shouldn’t resort to with too much enthusiasm, but if you want to open your finest wines with a surplus of class, you can do a lot worse than L’Espirit & Le Vin’s ‘Grands Crus’ Corkscrew. An exquisite looking device encased in pewter and brass, it has plenty of fine detail on its exterior. However, the real beauty of the device is on the inside. The mechanism is based on an Edward Thompson design popular among corkscrew collectors, that has been in use since 1802.

In the wine world, anything that has survived even longer than the Bordeaux classification of 1852 has got to be especially distinguished. It features a 2 pillar design with a thread within a thread: turn clockwise to remove the cork from the bottle and then anti-clockwise to easily remove the cork from the screw.

5 | Rosewood Champagne Sabre – Chateau Laguiole


Corkscrews are, rather unfortunately, completely pointless when opening a bottle of bubbly. So having a classy corkscrew around to multiply the opulence of a champagne accompanied banquet is a rather empty gesture. Thankly, Champagne opening has Sabrage, the art of lopping the neck off a champagne bottle to enjoy its contents. Traditionally practiced by Napoleon’s Hussars, few of us have an actual sabre above the fireplace with which we could open our bottles. Fine, handmade champagne swords like this rosewood example from Chateau Laguiole fill the void, and if used properly, they’ll definitely set the tone for an evening of fine dining.