GoVino Plastic Glasses

With the summer fast approaching, eating and drinking in the garden and enjoying the light evenings will become normality for few months, well at least we hope so. Enjoying your favourite red wine and using your crystal glasses in the garden always poses a potential risk of being knocked over and smashing onto the patio! Unfortunately there will only ever be one winner, resulting in a dustpan and brush in your hands, sweeping away the remains.

That won’t be the case any more, with the introduction of the GoVino plastic wine tumblers, these are the perfect summer dining accessory for the garden or conservatory. These stylish plastic wine glasses are ideal for a BBQ or a picnic down the beach or park. With four different tumblers in the range as well as a carafe, these plastic drinking glasses provide fantastic results even though they’re not made from glass.

100% BPA free, this material reflects the wine’s colour and projects its aromatics much like crystal does, the GoVino is totally reusable so it can be reused time and time again. Due to the nature of the product, GoVino plastic glasses are totally shatterproof too, so if they are accidentally knocked over in the garden, it doesn’t matter!

There are 4 different Govino plastic tumblers available, red wine, white wine / cocktail, beer and a champagne flute, all stemless of course, as well as handy carafe. Ideal for at home in the garden, as well as for a bar or restaurant serving drinks outside too.

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