Managing Director, Chris Wellman, has certainly had a busy few days: discovering a delightful bottle of red, Norton Privada, 2009 (click here for the review) and sampling different Glenfarclas expressions at a whisky tasting evening. We say ‘busy’; we really mean extending his drinks knowledge.

Hennings Wine Merchants hosted a ‘Glenfarclas Whisky Tasting’ on Thursday 7th February 2013 in their Pulborough shop. The evening was organised and introduced by the ever enthusiastic and knowledgeable Colin Nicholson, of Hennings Wine Merchants. All in all the whisky tasting was a success, offering good value for money and the opportunity to learn more about whisky, as well as the infamous whisky company Glenfarclas.

Hennings shop

Venue – Hennings Wine Merchants, Pulborough

The tasting evening was led by Peter Donnelly, Brand Manager for Glenfarclas. Glenfarclas has been in the hands of the same Grant family since an astonishing 1865. It is currently managed by the 5th generation through the chairman, John Grant and the 6th generation, George Grant, who is director of sales. Family is one of the key attributes of Glenfarclas and explains why it is such a well-respected name in many households. The company has grown from strength to strength and we wanted to find out why. So we had to have a taste of course!


Glenfarclas whisky tasting reviews

This is of course the main part of the evening; using your taste buds to evaluate each whisky and its age. Each table (which we must note were impeccably arranged) offered a selection of single highland malt scotch whiskies to sample (the traditional Speyside style, with a heavy Sherry influence). Each guest could enjoy a taste of all seven whiskies, here are Chris’ thoughts on each:

 Tasting the whiskies

10 Years old

“My first impression was this whisky was very fresh and gloriously smooth. It was a very easy drinking whisky to say the least and had a rich sherry taste with hints of fruit cake. The pear drops, vanilla and honey make it delectable.”

15 Years old

“From sampling the ten year old whisky to the fifteen year old whisky, there was an obvious difference in oomph! This whisky was a lot more complex to taste, with toffee notes and a very, very slight fruity finish: a distinguished dram with malty tones and sherried sweetness.”

21 Years old

“The colour of this whisky certainly caught my eye. The dark golden coloured whisky was smooth and extremely enjoyable to taste. I recall the nutmeg flavouring with slightly citrus overtones and a tingling, spicy chocolate finish. I will definitely be trying this again. You will most certainly feel refreshed after a glass of this.”

25 Years old

“Darker (with gold highlights) and more complex than the previous, this whisky really had some powerful tastes: orange, honey, sherry notes; whilst a little oaky and a hint of smokiness. The subtle chocolate flavour at the end makes this whisky ideal for the relaxing period after a great meal. It is very robust and rich.”

30 Years old

“Christmas cake flavours in a glass – delicious! I want one of these bottles on my Christmas drinks list. The dark gold colour made this whisky easily identifiable whilst the combination of sherry, brandy, fruit, nuts and marzipan made it memorable, truly exceptional and indulgent.”

40 Years old

“Distinguished and refined are two words to describe this whisky. The flavours instantly delighted my taste buds; burnt brown sugar, toffee and chocolate covered raisins. My mouth is watering again just thinking about this. I recommend leaving this whisky in the glass for a while to let it fully express itself; you will definitely be pleased with the results.”

105 cask strength (60% vol)

“This whisky was very fruity and warm with a punchy brandy kick, which I must say I rather enjoyed. The brown sugar and raisins on the nose and the deep gold colour made it ever so tempting. You have to try this whisky- the long lingering finish makes it unforgettable: a dram to savour and cherish. It was undoubtedly my favourite (shh don’t tell the others that).”


A big thanks to Hennings for providing such a superb venue for the evening, it was a truly magnificent event and the ‘special whisky pricing’ was definitely a temptation (one which we couldn’t resist). We hope to attend one of your events again soon! Feel free to browse Hennings’ selection of spirits here.

We would also like to say a massive thanks to Peter Donnelly for being such an excellent host and creating such an informative, educational and enjoyable evening. His expert guidance allowed us to embark on a real (Scottish) adventure with classic scotch whiskies.

Glenfarclas whisky


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