Everyone loves a holiday, right?! Well I do too, but I use to wonder how to transport some of my favourite wines back with me from my holiday. Ramming bottles of wine right in the middle of my luggage, surrounding it with the softest clothes and beach towels available, just hoping that I won’t open my suitcase back home and a large aroma of wine hits me! All those fun and games are over for now though, since the introduction of the simple and effective, WineSkin.

The WineSkin is a wine bottle protector / transport bag which offers great protection to glass bottles, ideal for transporting wine or spirits in a suitcase or bag. Since you’re not allowed to carry any liquid over 100ml in your hand luggage on planes these days, the WineSkin is really one of the best options out there. It can accommodate virtually every 750ml bottle of wine or fortified spirit bottle shape, so you’re not entirely restricted to certain wines or bottles.

The WineSkin prevents any spillage of liquid, should the bottle break as it has a tough, flexible and durable plastic wrap which seals the seams around the entire ‘skin’, with a dual-strip sealing system at the bottom, once a bottle has been enclosed. The bubble-wrap interior is designed to absorb the shock and impact of heavy handling of luggage and suitcases.

If you have a hankering for bringing home a couple of your favourite bottles of wine from your holiday, then I’d definitely recommend some our WineSkins, the safest way to protect wine bottles when travelling.