Imbibe Live 2012 is a definite must visit! Anyone connected with the Drinks Industry in the UK, if they’ve missed the opportunity this year, must make amends and make the effort to visit this great show in central London next year and in years to come.

It could even be called the ‘Ultimate Cocktail Show’, everything you needed in a drinks related exhibition was there and the mix and blend of all the different components made it the perfect show. If you were into your wines, whiskies, gins, vodkas, beers, ciders, cocktails, waters, mixers – the list goes on – it was all there to taste and try and get the vital information you need to make your drink buying decisions.

I personally came away with a few ideas of new products or twists on existing ones and although I can’t give the game away, I will certainly be following these through in the next couple of weeks to see what transpires.

I was very impressed with Booze Tubes ( which seems like a brilliant idea which should definitely catch on and gather pace. Bar Blades ( also looks promising as does Cocktail Kingdom (

I  met with one of our customers, Funkin Cocktails ( who had a very impressive stand showing off our LSA Maxa Champagne Cocktail Saucers to great effect as part of their display (see image below) – thanks to Andy McMahon for that!!

I had a very warm welcome, as always, from Colin Dunn of Diageo who introduced me to some great new whiskies and his counterpart showed me the brand new blend expressions from Johnnie Walker the ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ which were as good, if not better, than I had expected them to be!

All in all, a great show, a great experience and the work and energy of the people involved in Imbibe Live 2012 must be rightly applauded.