First it was cork turning into screw caps and now it could be glass turning into paper?! That’s what could be happening in the future as a Suffolk based company is launching the world’s first paper wine bottle. The company, Greenbottle have already created an eco-friendly paper milk bottle which is already selling in UK based supermarket Asda. The paper wine bottle weighs just 55g compared to the standard 500g glass edition and has a carbon footprint of just 10% of that of a standard glass wine bottle. The question still remains whether this would actually take off in the Wine Industry.  Our opinion only but it may work well  with some everyday wines but we can’t really see it happening within the fine winemarket!

In other news this week, wine corks are now seemingly no longer loved by UK wine consumers. In a survey conducted by Wine Intelligence for its 2011 Closures Report, 85% of the UK wine drinking population has now accepted screwcaps compared to just 41% in 2003. That’s a massive growth in only 8 years and could spell the end of the rumbling through the door for a waiter’s friend corkscrew! Admittedly, it’s now much easier to open a bottle of a wine with a screwcap but there’s just something endearing and plainly just nice about uncorking a bottle yourself, hearing the pop and the ensuing aroma of wine pouring from the bottle.