Le Nez du WhiskyEnjoying Whisky to its fullest potential is all about how it tastes, right? Well you’re wrong! How a whisky tastes on your palate is important of course, but how it smells and the aromas within the malts are also crucial to your overall ‘whisky experience’. Whisky is pretty similar to wine, in that how it smells and how it tastes is equally important to your overall enjoyment and if one of these senses doesn’t fit the bill, then you’re probably not likely to enjoy it.

Detecting and ‘working out’ the types of flavours and aromas you can taste and smell within Whisky will increase your knowledge and whisky education, giving you a better understanding of the malts you’re drinking. The ‘Le Nez du Whisky’ offers a simple, smart and fun way to learn about Whisky! This nosing aroma kit from Jean Lenoir awakens your senses of identification & memory, enabling you to not only learn, but be entertained at the same time.

The Le Nez du Whisky aroma kit includes 54 different nosing bottles of aromas that you’re likely to find within Whisky, from honey to leather and pear to liquorice! There is such a wide range and diversity of different types of Whisky available, identifying which types of aromas and flavours your taste buds like will enhance your whisky knowledge and overall enjoyment.

Also included with the nosing aromas, is a richly illustrated and comprehensively researched book that guides the tasting of Whiskies from not only Scotland, but other whisky producing areas found around the World. The book introduces you to the World’s most famed whisky regions, the detailed crafting process and an index that’s classified by aroma that covers over 1200 whiskies.

Le Nez du Whisky

This set is an ideal gift for any Whisky enthusiast, whether they’re a total beginner or a whisky professional, priced at £299.00.

Nosing Aroma kits aren’t something new, Jean Lenoir has also produced tasting aroma nosing kits for Wine, Rose, Armagnac and Coffee!

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