There seems no rhyme or reason as to why one style of Giant Wine Cork or Champagne Cork Stool is more popular than another. They all seem to take it in turns at being flavour of the month, however it is inevitable that the current most popular stool sells out first and it always appears to be forever until a new shipment arrives!

The current favourite is the XL Giant Champagne Cork Stool – Side Table – Grand Vin de Champagne, (CORK 10) and this new stock has been eagerly awaited. It never ceases to amaze us that when the seal on the container door is snipped off and the doors are flung open, the amount of goods that are shipped inside is astounding. The images show that no space is wasted and they also show the task ahead to unload, whatever the weather, we did however manage to avoid the rain!

These fantastic pieces of furniture are available in 3 different styles, a giant Champagne cork, a giant Wine cork and a collection of corks in the shape of a giant Wine Cork! They look fantastic in a bar / bistro environment but work equally as well in a wine cellar or a conservatory at home. The Giant Champagne Cork Stool, side table, looks like it’s just been popped from a giant bottle of champagne and with its flat top makes an ideal rest for that after work drink and the TV remote control.

Each style, whether wine or champagne, is robust, stable, and innovative and this complete range of stools is made of 100% sustainable Portuguese cork.

At the moment and with a new container just unloaded, we have plenty of stock of all styles but please be aware that these are very popular gift items and with Christmas not that far away, it may be prudent to consider a purchase sooner rather than later.

Facts and Figures
– Loading Time (estimate – 1 hour)
– Unloading Time (actual –2 hours)
– Transit Time (door to door) – 30 days average
– Number of pieces per 20 ft container – 700 on average

You can view the entire range of giant wine and champagne corks, here.