We’re pleased to be able to bring you a vastly increased range of wine accessories from Menu a/s which represent Scandinavian Living and Danish Design at its very best. Two new types of corkscrew, the waiters corkscrew, code 3305, and the air pressure corkscrew, code 3311, offer sleek designs and innovative opening features and both come with built in, slide out foil cutters.

Various new pourers, stoppers, thermometers and gift sets (4215, 4216, 4170 and 4218) are now offered together with a new foil cutter (3306). Add these to the new decanter at a very reasonable £34.95, code 4177 and the heayweight wine cooler 4279, and Ice bucket 4280, and you can see that Menu A/S is a very exciting range for us to be able to offer.