We have just recently added some new Metrokane Wine Accessories to the site. The products include a Champagne / Wine Sealer, Velvet Drip Ring / Stop and a Foil Cutter.

Airtight Wine and Champagne Sealer

The Metrokane Wine / Champagne Sealer seals wine airtight, preserves champagne bubbles and the more you turn, the tighter is seals! The sealer is easy to grip with a smooth velvet finish and it fits any size bottle.

Wine Drip Stop and Ring

The Metrokane Drip Ring / Stop stops wine drips and stains and slips onto fit all bottle sizes including any wide-mouth bottles. This is also easy to grip and is finished with a smooth velvet texture.

Foil Cutter and Cap Remover

Metrokane’s Foil Cutter allows you to easily remove foil caps off of the top of your bottle of Wine. Squeeze and twist and off it comes! The product neatly removed foil caps before pulling out the cork. The Foil Cutter has a smooth velvet finish and is easy to grip and use.

For more information on the new Metrokane Wine Accessories, click here.