Friday 1st Feb 2008 saw the arrival of a 20-foot container full to the brim of our very popular Modular Wine Racks! In all it took 4 hours to unload the goods from Australia, and therefore we are definitely in no short supply!

All the Modular Wine Rack sizes are now back in stock, in both Natural Pine and Dark Stain finishes.

The Modular Wine Racks are the most versatile and easily assembled racking system available. No tools required.

If you opt for the Natural Pine Finish, you are able to paint or varnish the rack to match any décor for any location, whether in the Kitchen, Living Room, Study or even under the stairs.

Modularack Pine Wine Racks are imported from Australia exclusively by ourselves and manufactured from plantation grown Australian pine, a unique hardwood that will not dent, turn yellow or fade.

Whether you are storing 10,000 bottles or only a dozen, the rack offers strength and stability, a Modular system that grows with your wine collection, a true cellar atmosphere in your own home and an end to torn cardboard boxes and jumbled stacks of bottles!

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