What better time to store your wine collection in the ever growing Modularack wine rack system! Wineware’s current SALE of 20% OFF ALL Modularack Wine Racks offer is available until Midnight Sunday 22nd September. So why not start storing today, add to your already existing collection of wine, in the ‘perfect position’ Modularack Wine Racks.

The perfect position for storing wine

The Modularack wine rack system allows you to store your wine in the perfect position; the design of these racks keeps the cork wet as the bottle is forced to tilt slightly towards the neck of the bottle. This is important so the cork doesn’t dry whilst being stored within the bottle, reducing the effects of a cork crumbling and therefore tainted the flavour and taste of the wine.


Why use Modularack Wine Racks?

The Modularack racks are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and two different colour options. The natural pine edition can either be left as it is, or alternatively you can stain or varnish this yourself to match a home or bar décor. The dark stain version is a dark brown colour; this is popular when storing in the kitchen or dining / living room.

The Modularacks are really easy to use and assemble; you don’t require any tools to help you put this modern wine rack system together. Each piece simply slots together and you build the rack one layer at a time. The great appeal of this racking system is you can grow your rack at the same pace as your wine collection, as you’re able to add additional layers / racks to your already existing wine rack!

A variety of different sizes and capacities are available with the Modularack system, storing just 8 bottles all the way up to 72! You can stack the Modularacks from floor to ceiling, so if you’re limited on the width you’re storing within, a small 4 bottle wide (8 Bottle Modularack – 2 Layers) wine rack will do the trick as you can fit this to the ceiling.

The Modularacks are strong and stable and are constructed of a environmentally sound Australian Pine hardwood which doesn’t dent, turn yellow, fade or discolour over time!

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