Late last week saw the arrival of the Montana Glassware shipment. Therefore, all out of stock Montana products are now back in stock!

Popular products such as the Cuvee Decanter and the Montana Cuvee Champagne glasses are ready to be packed up and delivered to your door.

The popular Montana Cuvee Decanter (42469), which measures at 260mm (Height) and holds 1.5Litres keeps the Wine’s sediment in the bottle. This also allows red wine to unfold its full bouquet. The elegant :cuvee decanter will steal the show when placed on a festively laid table, but is just as at home on a coffee table by candlelight.

The box of 6 Montana Cuvee Champagne glasses (42489) which hold 21 cl and measure 240mm high, the tall and slender :cuvee champagne flute is the perfect glass for delicious sparkling wines. The glasses allow them to sparkle at their leisure and result in a treat for the eye for the palate to savour.

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