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Montana Pure Now in Stock!

Due to the arrival this morning, the Pure range of wine glasses from Montana are now available to purchase. The expansive range includes a Bordeaux Goblet, Classic style Burgundy glass, smaller and slimmer glasses for classic Red and White Wines, Champagne Flutes and Saucers and a delicate Brandy Snifter Glass. Other Spirit glasses include the traditional Grappa and also a Fruit Schnapps glass.

All of the Montana Pure range are boxed in 6’s and are available for £17.25 a box.

An addition to the glasses is the Montana Pure Decanter, which can hold up to 1.6L of Wine and stands at only 21cm. The Pure range is then completed with sets of 3 of Long Drink glasses, a Whisky Tumbler and Shot Glasses.

Click here for more information on the Montana Pure range of Wine Glasses.