Mothers Day Gift Ideas / Sunday March 22nd 2009

Choosing a gift (or two!) for Mother’s Day is never the easiest. I’m sure most mums don’t complain when they receive the usual bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates every year, but how does being a bit more imaginative sound?! Why don’t you surprise your Mum this March with some fantastic Wine Accessories?

We’ve created our Top Ten Gift Ideas (below), which will hopefully give you some inspiration, however if you don’t fancy anything listed, we’ve got over 1,500 other products that you can choose from!

Collapsible 8/10 inch Sieve / Strainers (P200 / P215) £11.95

This collapsible sieve is made of flexible silicone and, unlike traditional sieves, can be stored in a drawer or simply hangs away unobtrusively. The Sieve opens with a simple flick of the wrist and collapses down to the thickness of a dinner plate. It will wash flat in the dishwasher too: the holes and surfaces remain exposed for optimism cleansing. The non-stick quality of POPware make it perfect for pasta and rice.

Silicone – Non-Porous – Non-stick
Non-absorbent – Dishwasher safe
Heat resistant to 250 Celsius
Patent Pending

Schott Zwiesel Diva Bordeaux Twin Pack (110730) £21.00

Height: 261mm 10.3″
Capacity: 691ml 20 oz

A large glass which is ideal for Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignons, allowing the wine’s depth and character to be appreciated.

DIVA is an experience for your senses: for your palate and nose, drinking glasses which let the full flavour unfold. For your eyes, exceptionally attractive styling. For your hand, the sensual feel of the slender, convex stems, and for your ears, the pure ring of crystal glass. Emotion is complemented by innovation.

Schott Zwiesel DIVA is made from a completely new patented generation of crystal glass, it contains no lead or barium, is harder than normal crystal glass, and is particularly dishwasher safe.

Machine Made, Tritan Crystal

Cheese Board (LDV950656) £29.60

Diameter: 290mm

This is a large, tall ceramic cheese platter with an imposing pedestal, a real centrepiece for the table.

Each cheese “breathes” properly. The height of the Ring and the magnificent material from which it is made lend importance to “time for cheese”, whether as part of a formal meal or as a meal in itself. A few details of the Ring: a fine retaining upstand around the circumference, a shallow depression in the surface of the Ring for strained cheeses, Feta, Fontainebleau, “runny” cheeses.

Nachtmann – Cake Plate / Chip and Dip Serving Plate £30.00

Diameter: 32 cm 12 3/5″
Material: Glass

This is a dual usage set that can be used for serving cakes/flans/cheesecakes or as a chip and dip. The serving plates are available in Nachtmann’s famous 3 different tableware styles, Bossa Nova, Rumba and Samba.

Menu Decanting Pourer / Aerator Vignon (4653039) £19.95

The wine is optimally oxygenated on its way from bottle to glass. Drip-free and easy to use. Award-winning idea and design. Decanting Pourer manufactured by Menu A/S in Denmark.

Royal Doulton Swirl Goblet Glasses (Clear/Red/Black) £30.00 – Box of 4

Royal Doulton’s Swirl Range of Wine Goblets are all offered in 3 different styles, Red, Black and Clear.

All are available in boxes of 4 and are made from Crystalline Glass with the coloured versions surface sprayed before being cut into the effective ‘Swirls’. The Red and Black Glasses are Not Dish Washer Safe, however the Clear glasses are.

Montana Pure Decanter 1.6 L (42304) £15.25
Height: 210mm
Capacity: 1.6L

The classic Decanter completes your red wine enjoyment. Decanting red wine a couple of hours before serving brings it to a perfect drinking temperature and also allows it to breathe, therefore a improving the wines taste. Don’t mistake these for glasses vases, they’re two very different things

Menu Wine Runner (4655039) £24.95

Length: 280mm
Material: Rubber and Stainless Steel

Perfect storage and presentation of the noble drops. The horizontal position keeps the cork moist holding up to six bottles. Designed by Jakob Wagner, manufactured by Menu A/S in Denmark.

L’Atelier du Vin Classic Lever Corkscrews (Black or Red) £36.00 / £44.95

L’Atelier du Vin Classic Lever Corkscrews, specially designed to open bottles that cannot wait! The lever models box contains:
– One high fidelity lever corkscrew
– One foil cutter
– One spare spiral

Decanter 9 Bottle Wine Rack (DC/BH9) £12.99

Height: 280mm
Width: 330mm

Made from stainless steel with a satin finish and wood trim, this wine rack can store up to 9 bottles. When not in use simply twist to fold away for easy storage.