Every one of us has been in this position. The dinner party is over. The front door has just closed on the final guests to depart. The initial part of cleaning up before retiring really does need to be started so what is left is not too much of a chore first thing in the morning when you really do not feel like it at all.  You come across a bottle of opened wine that is at least half full (or half empty depending on your way of thought). What is the best thing to do? Surely you can’t just pour it down the sink! Well, most people will and have done in the past. Do you attempt to push the cork (or one of those cheap plastic stoppers) half way in and leave it in the fridge for a couple of days? Well you can, but we all know that it won’t taste or smell like it did the first time you uncorked the bottle.

Now, with the introduction of Wineware’s latest product, the SoWine – Serving and Wine Preservation System, there is no longer any need to worry or to wonder what to do. The SoWine system can keep one or two opened bottles of wine fresh for up to 10 days after opening simply by extracting the air from the portion of the bottles already emptied. The remaining wine, both red and white, can be kept at their respective different serving temperatures, in premium condition, so that when you are ready to indulge again, you can, without any deterioration from its original serving state! There are no gases used in the system so therefore there are no costly accessories to buy once you’ve already purchased this exciting innovation.

The dimensions of the Wine Preserving System measure 422 mm x 248 mm x 255 mm (H x W x D) so whether you are looking to store it out of sight in a cupboard or to display it on a kitchen work top, it is compact enough to easily fit into both situations.

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