Here at Wineware, we are always on the lookout for exciting and new wine accessories to add to our already existing portfolio of wine essentials.


The MARKTHOMAS range of handmade wine glasses has caused a bit of a stir recently in the wine industry. Any new glass type, range or manufacturer always brings out the varied opinions of top wine sommeliers, connoisseurs and restaurants. The new MARKTHOMAS range is no different. Recently featured in an article on the Drinks Business website, they are claimed to be “a true and perfect all-rounder”, I’ve tried them myself and can definitely confirm that the ‘2-bend’ bowl really does bring out lots of flavours in the wine! With 7 glasses in the range, they’re boxed in twin packs and would make a great gift for any budding wine enthusiast.

Peugeot Baltaz Corkscrew

New to Wineware recently is the Peugeot Baltaz Corkscrew. This easy to use level model corkscrew is great at extracting corks from the bottle in one, simple motion. It’s fairly lightweight, and gripping the corkscrew around the neck is easy. A spare worm / screw is included within the gift box and this is suitable for both natural and plastic corks and it fits all types of bottle necks whether you’re opening a Bordeaux from France or a Zinfandel from California.

New Modularack Wine Racks

We’ve added even more additional products to our popular Modularack wine racks recently too. The largest rack in the collection (72 bottle) is now available with a handy top that sits on the highest layer off the rack. This is also the case for the 6 x 6, 36 bottle wine rack, which, like the entire Modularack collection, are exclusive to Wineware in the UK and available in natural pine or a dark stain.

Schott Zwiesel Carafes

And finally, we are now offering two larger wine / water carafes from the giant Bavarian glass manufacture, Schott Zwiesel. The two carafes in question are an extension of the popular ‘Pure’ range and hold 750ml and 1 litre respectively. You can use them for either water or wine (or both) and they’re designed with the eye catching, unmistakeable, angled ‘Pure shape’.

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