Well Christmas is very close now and we have been extremely busy in the run up, so that’s my excuse for the lack of blog posts anyway! We have only added a few new products to our shelves in the past couple of weeks due to the hectic time of year, with all our thoughts firmly on dispatching items rather than adding them.

One new item has been added however, and I think it’s great! The WineWeaver is a unique aeration system that naturally enhances the flavours and releases aromas in your wine. The WineWeaver has different settings that are easily changeable so it can be used directly into a glass of wine or for use with a decanter.

The WineWeaver filters sediment and cork as it works and is perfect for reviving vacuumed and re-sealed bottles. The super lightweight design will sit directly on the rim of all types of wine glasses.

The WineWeaver is available in four different colours, Red, Blue, Green and Purple and is priced only at £20.00.

Click here for more information and addition images for the WineWeaver.