Berlin born, professional sommelier, Peter Steger, has designed and developed a true innovation – a single shaped wine tasting glass that is fitting for all types of both red and white wines. The single shaped professional tasting glass is available in two sizes, the larger one primarily for reds and the smaller version for whites. The elegantly titled ‘One For All’ wine glass is exactly so.

Peter recently visited Wineware to present us his One For All Wine Glasses and left us in no doubt that the concept truly works and we are now honoured to be able to offer this truly exceptional wine tasting tool to our customers.

With this glass the impossible has become possible. One for All is a unique professional wine glass for the perfect presentation of all types of wine. The glass, designed to perfection over many years, is able to bring out the wine’s aroma to its fullest, no matter what type of vine.

The glasses are manufactured in Germany of Lead Free Crystal and are specially heat-treated for maximum strength and clarity. Large surface exposure of the wine in the bowl will concentrate aromas at the mouth giving what is now known as the ‘chimney effect.’

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