Are you saying it with flowers?

If so this wine will sit very nicely on the table next to them.

Ruggeri Rose di Pinot Brut NV (Italy) 75cl £9.99

The beautiful pale pink colour is tempting indeed. This is a light, gentle sparkling rose wine from north east Italy. Treat it like a pink Prosecco, it is lovely a fruity with a dry finish and very aromatic. The alcohol level isn’t too high at 12% so perfect for sitting in the sun at lunchtime and having the odd glass.

Or maybe chocolates are the preferred option…

Chocolate is notoriously difficult to match wine too but this one works very well Castano Monastrell Dulce 50 cl (Spain) £12.00. It’s a bit of a curve ball this one; well know it’s a lot of a curve ball! It is a sweet red from a small southern Spanish region called Yecla made out of a red grape, Monastrell, which is generally used in blends! Apart from that it works really well. It tastes like a sweet port but without as much alcohol. Really rich juicy strawberry and raspberry flavours come through and it isn’t cloying, it goes very well with cheese or dark chocolate – I know, I’ve tried!

To have with spring lamb…

Lamb is quite a robust, fatty meat so needs something juicy to combat the protein and fat content. I’d recommend A. Ente Grand Ordinaire 2003 (France) 75cl £13.75. This is one of my favourite wines around at the moment. Arnaud Ente is known for making top class white Burgundies, he does however dabble with small amounts of red wines and this is one of them. Normally Pinot Noir would be the legal red grape to use in the village of Volnay where this wine comes from but this is made with fruit from really old vine Gamay. It is wonderfully soft and juicy, very concentrated red fruits come through with a soft finish. One glass leads into another quite quickly!

For the future…

Pintia 2004 Spain 75cl £27.00

This is made by the great Spanish producer Vega Sicilia, they are based in Ribera del Duero near Madrid. They have been progressing with Pintia, a new project in Toro near Portugal; this is by far the best vintage they have made. It’s a beast and built to last, it is good now but it will need decanting time, age in the bottle will reap rewards. The availability of this wine is not long lived due to the press reports it is fetching, a wine that will definitely give good returns with patience.


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