Quirky Tether Glassware Dishwasher Holder

Cleaning your stemmed glassware by hand is always seen as a bit of a chore, considering everything else is loading effortlessly into the dishwasher and it comes out sparkling clean.

Cleaning by hand is not the easiest either, trying to get right to the bottom of the bowl of the wine glass using a cleaning brush and trying not to chip, scratch or break the bowl in the process, you feel satisfied once you’ve completed the ‘mission’!

Well now there’s a handy gadget for placing your wine glasses in dishwasher that will replace this manual labour…

Best way to put wine glasses in dishwasher

We recommend emptying the contents of your glasses before placing in the dishwasher, but then cleaning by hand should is now a thing of the past…thanks to the Quirky Tether Glassware Dishwasher Holder! These unique holders simply slot onto the dishwasher post, clip round the stem of the glass and steadily hold your glasses in place for the entire dishwasher cycle.

Packed in a set of four, each holder is suitable for a single glass, the adjustable rod fits onto most sized glasses, either on the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher. Once the dishwasher cycle is finished, you’ll have sparkling clean glasses all in the piece still attached to the Quirky Tether Holder!

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