Wineware’s Top 10 Online Best Selling Products for February 2009

February was actually quite a busy month which we weren’t really expecting considering the current economic climate the country seems to be facing and fairly soon after the Christmas rush.

The fantastic Glencairn Whisky Glasses were once again the best selling items online in the past month. The single glasses seem to be the more popular out of the three, with the box of 6 and attractive twin pack close behind.

With more and more people investing in Wine and creating their very own Wine Cellars, keeping collections simply organised and well maintained is top of the agenda. Wine Bottle Neck Tags (Number 2 in the month) enable you to keep your cellar organised and labelled so you know exactly where your favourite bottle of plonk is kept!

The Top 10 Wine Accessory items online for the month for February are listed below:

1. The Glencairn Official Whisky Glass (GC1 / GC2 / GC6)

2. Plastic Wine Bottle Neck Tags (Smaller) x 100 (7229)

3. Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls (943/1)

4. Eisch Glas Claret Decanter (712.15)

5. Riedel Microfibre Crystal Cleaning Cloth White With Burgundy Trim (10/07)

6. Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather (EWB12)

7. Iso Type Wine Tasting Glasses 21.5cl x 6 (5102)

8. Restaurant Crystal Clean (RCC1)

9. Eisch Breathable Glass – Superior Red Wine (500/2)

10. Modularack Wine Rack 72 (MOD72)

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