Riedel have released 3 brand new Wine Decanters exquisitely named Flamingo, Swan and Paloma. All uniquely designed by Georg Riedel and his team to bring you the best Decanters in the business.

Whether you would use them for the pouring one or two glasses of wine or maybe just to show off to your friends when they come round for dinner. All are hand made using Lead Crystal and available to purchase from Wineware within the next few days.

Flamingo Decanter

Equally distinctive is Riedel’s new Flamingo decanter – though it’s not at all pink. Flamingo has a broad, bulb-shaped base and an exaggerated long and slender neck reminiscent of the legs of the bird for which it was named. The Flamingo holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. And for those who prefer their Flamingo’s pink, we suggest a nice bottle of Rose.

Swan Decanter

There is no more elegant bird than the Swan, so Riedel thought it only fitting that their new Swan decanter should embody the same natural grace. The body of the decanter mimics the gentle curvature of the form of a Swan, forming “J” shape with an exaggeratedly elongated straight neck that narrows to the elliptical lip. Wine is simply poured into the wider opening of the Swan’s “tail” (which also forms a natural handle for services) then effortlessly poured into the glass from the narrow “neck”.

Paloma Decanter

A variety of the wines winged dove, the Paloma is a bird with a curvilinear form that lends itself well to this stylish decanter. As with the Swan, wine is poured into the widest opening in the “tail” of the vessel and poured from the narrower curved neck. The “tail” a natural hand-held, enables a sure grip, and the slender, angled neck with its elliptical mouth provides a perfect drip less pour. Mouth-blown and made of lead crystal, the Paloma holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine.

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