A recent article from the Daily Mail has reported that for the first time, sales of port are set to overtake those of sherry. It is predicted that by 2020 sales of port will make it the leading fortified wine in the UK alcohol market.

Global consumer and media insights company, Nielsen have reported the following statistics detailing the age ranges of port consumers: 21 per cent of spending by the 25-44 age group, 48 per cent by the  45-64 age group and finally the remaining 29 per cent accounts for the over 65s. This is a stark contrast to sherry sales, with a staggering 55 per cent of all sales from the over 65s.Port is definitely attracting a wider age range and many industry experts believe this is due to successful advertising and marketing port towards new affluent consumers, through an aspirational quality and lifestyle offering.Decanter ideal for serving port

Consumer research hints toward port being more than just an impulse buy. It suggests our drinking taste as a nation is beginning to change and people are regularly seeking great, high-quality ports. Many people enjoy port around this cold period, the log fire burning in the background and a port in hand: the perfect Christmas picture, the perfect winter warmer. With the exception of vintage port, all other ports will keep for up to 6 weeks if refrigerated. So port will definitely see you through the New Year.

If the predictions do come true then you will definitely need the appropriate glassware to allow your port to breathe. Allowing the port to breathe properly is extremely essential; it not only enhances the taste but ensures a delightful aroma can be fully enjoyed. Wineware offer a sophisticated Port Set with 6 port glasses, port decanter and funnel.

Perhaps port and lemonade may not make a comeback, but port is definitely the new drinking trend for 2013 onwards. The Guardian have offered their own port recommendations. Clink!