Bordeaux glasses available from wine that you taste is different, the region the grapes are grown, the soil type, the acidity of the grape, the type of grape, the terrain it’s grown in, the list is virtually endless! There’s a whole host of different variations of wine, even wines from the same region and those using the same grape type can taste different to the vineyard down the road. With so much choice, whether it be the local super market, wine merchant or on-line merchant such as Naked Wines, it’s only right that there’s a choice of different glass types as well that match specific grapes and wine regions.

General ‘all round’ glass types have been around for years, red wines are best served in a large glass and white wines in a slightly smaller glass, champagne and sparkling wine in flutes etc. There’s nothing wrong with this and it’s still a popular option, but really drilling down into this and specifically choosing a glass that’s right for you for the wines that you drink is crucial in maximising the enjoyment of the wine you’re drinking. The all round glasses are great if you drink a variety of red wines for enjoyment, whether it’s Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti etc and you’re looking for a one glass fits all purpose. Cost is obviously the main factor, but also storing different glasses for different types of wine is also crucial.

Using glasses specifically designed for grape types and wine regions was first brought to the World by Riedel back in 1973 with the Sommeliers range, a hand made glassware range with all sorts of different shapes and sizes. The World renowned Riedel Vinum range was then introduced in 1986 becoming the first glassware range made by machine that includes grape and region type glass shapes.

Choosing your glassware by regions and grape type

Glassware shaped and designed to maximise your enjoyment of wine from different parts of the World and different grape types really do work! A large, wide bowl is perfect for bold burgundies where as a long, narrower bowl is ideal for Chianti. The shape and size of the bowl plays a big part in how the wine tastes, a great way of measuring this is trying a grape specific glass against a standard all round or tasting glass, the difference is mind blowing!

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