Storing glassware, particularly wine glasses in a bar or restaurant can be a potential problem/hazard as breakages occur and stock can be lost. Two solutions in which we believe, is to store them either above/on the bar area or within glass storage boxes. Hopefully our two option can help you with your curent bar or restaurant or gives you an idea for when you open up!

Storing wine glasses within a bar not only keeps them safe, but also adds a visual element to the bar area. Glass hanging racks have the potential to be affixed to either a shelf or directly onto the wall. An average of 20-24 glasses can be stored, dependent on the size of the rack, and of course the bowl size of the glass, whether it be a Bordeaux or Burgundy shape.

(Glass Hanging Racks)

The other option is the more cost effective system of glass storage boxes. The boxes are made of strong, durable fluted polypropylene which is extremely lightweight therefore making the boxes easy to store and move. All the boxes are the same length and width, but the height varies allowing for different glass types to be stored. The inserts which allow either 15, 24 or 35 glasses separate the glasses preventing contact and more importantly, damage. These are ideal for moving about in bulk, whether it from the restaurant/bar to a party or wedding function, or even just from the storage room to the bar.

(Glass Storage Boxes)

So whichever you choose, you now know that storing your glasses in these ways, they will stand a better chance of preventing damage, therefore offering  a potential money saving and surely this is the most important thing?!

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