Jamie Goode Features the Menu Wine Thermometer in his Lifestyle Article in the Sunday Express.

Everyone knows red wine should be served at room temperature and white wines from the fridge – but for your information beaujolais should be cooler than a claret, and cava chillier than champagne. This stylish wine thermometer will help you get it right. Use you wine thermometer to serve all your wines at the correct drinking temperature.

A Wineware Guide To The Correct Wine Serving Temperatures

1. Beaujolais 12C/54F
2. Bordeaux 18C/64F
3. Burgundy 16C/61F
4. Cabernet 17C/63F
5. Champagne 7C/45F
6. Chardonnay 9C/48F
7. Chianti 15C/59F
8. Ice Wine 6C/43F
9. Merlot 17C/63F
10. Pinot 16C/61F
11. Port 19C/66F
12. Riesling 8C/46F
13. Rose 12C/54F
14. Shiraz 18C/64F
15. Sparkling 7C/45F
16. Zinfandel 15C/59F