With local, regional and national UK based manufactories struggling to cope with the ever expanding and growing costs of producing home made products, we feel that the UK made Wine Accessory products we have could do with a little more attention!

Surely most people prefer local produce and the home made little gems you find only in England and the UK as a whole. We feel the same and like the fact that it’s British made using British employees! We are certainly not knocking our other products that are imported from the likes of Austria, Germany and Australia, but we feel if it’s made in Britain it feels a little bit more special!

Stated below are numbers 6-10 in our Top Ten British Made Products, which will be followed on by numbers 1-5.

10 – Connoisseur Decanter (JC/115/P)

Manufactured and Made by silver smiths JA Campbell – This is an ideal decanter for sherry or port – Hand blown English crystal decanter.

9 – Plain Sterling Silver Drip Ring (4802)

A simple but elegant way to prevent drips from staining the table. The drip ring is available in either silver plate or in hallmarked sterling silver, as pictured, and the felt lining can be removed and washed as required.

8 – Wine Weaver (WINEWEAVER)

Use WineWeaver’s unique aeration system to naturally enhance the flavours and release the aromas in your wine. Aeration, exposing wine to air, broadens its character and helps soften the acidity often found in younger wines, whilst coaxing out those tastes hidden in more mature bottles.

7 – Wine Bottle Display Information Neck Tags (7227)

Reusable Wine Bottle Price and Information Tags

– Ideal for Shops and Wine Stores
– Point of sale signs with clear Price and Information
– 4 different ways to displays tags on top of the Bottle
– Cards can be hand written or computer generated
– Eliminates the cost of expensive die-cut cards
– Holds A7 Cards
– 8 cards available from a single A4 sheet
– Neat and professional – easy to read

6 – Port Tongs (4356)

Heated tongs are thought to be the best means of opening old bottles of vintage port.

They enable the neck of the bottle and the cork to be removed intact, thus eliminating the possibility of the cork crumbling and spoiling the wine. They also cause least disturbance to the bottle and also, therefore, to any sediment. The tongs are made of black iron with polished wood handles, which are finished in brass.

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